Welcome to my photo sharing site. On these pages you will find photographs I have taken of our Family, Our Pets, the places we have lived and our trips around the world.

As many of you know, photography has become my hobby and passion. It gives me joy to photograph nature and the beautiful surroundings we enjoy here in Florida. It also gives me pleasure to share these with family, friends and the Photo Enthusiasts on the Internet.

At this time I have made this a public site and wish to keep it that way. Although I only upload reduced size and low dpi photos I still ask that you please respect my images and do not copy or use them in any commercial way. Instead, feel free to return and enjoy viewing them on a regular basis. Do feel free to share the web address with others if you like what you see.

If you are interested in high resolution copies of these photos feel free to contact me at

Come around often as I tend to upload photos on a regular basis and send me your thoughts.

Please, feel free to leave comments and criticisms as I am trying to learn.

Hope you enjoy.

Fred Stellabotte ( )
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